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Grab flight paths

Pull mobs

Keep repaired

Greyed out items can be sold – white items maybe be sold on AH

DOT need to bedone once

Mobs are color coded

Everything i...

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No. 1. What’s Going On 1. Sh...

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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 006 – Were you prepared January 20, 2007 Segment I.    What’s Going On A.    Can I have your attention please - B.    Installing and running Burning Crusade – ...

Segment I.    What’s Going On A.    I took a trip to California for MacWorld.  Tried to do last week’s podcast in a train station, not a good idea.  Was going to do this one on th...

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CTRL ALT WOW  004 The Road to Burning Crusade I WHAT’S GOING ON A.    Preparing for the Burning Crusade i.Most upper level folks have been grinding I suppose but I’ve been gathe...

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