I WHAT’S GOING ON A. What I’ve been doing i. Redoing Podcast, didn’t like the shortness, I felt rushed, going to try to make it less “ummish”. ii. 2.0 features I’ve been trying 1. Quick Loot – you can choose to just right click to loot instead of shift right clicking. Shift right clicking has the opposite effect and opens the loot box so you can pick and choose 2. Re-doing Talent trees – this is a lot of work when you have 18 alts. I am the epitome of casual player. I know there are certain preconceived notions of which trees to pick, but I just do the kid in the candy shop method, i.e. ooh this looks neat, I’ll click on that. I know on WoW website there’s a tree tester https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/hunter/talents.html It lets you experiment with different trees and you can even print them out. iii. Holiday Quests - I don’t want to give out too much, they are fun little quests that go along with the season 1. The Alterac Mountains – Stolen Winterveil Treats 2. Rescue Metzen

iv. Tried PvP in Altrac Valley v. Podcasts I’ve been listening to 1. World of Podcast.blogspot.com 2. 1-70 B. Dual Boxing i. Why ii. Equipment iii. Challenges iv. Is it for everyone? II WOW NEWS A. NY Times Games of the year http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/24/arts/24schi.html?_r=1&oref=slogin B. A WoW player loses his account due to phishing and attempts legal action against the thief - http://www.fundular.com/Blog/4300DD5A-4B4F-495D-A007-A3E11341BC48.html III SERVER SHOUT OUT A. Lightninghoof – Feted Inner Horde B. Alleria – Legion of Dread/The Determined – http://TheDetermined.net

IV IN THE HOUSE A. Vacation coming up, was going to MacWorld, but I changed my mind 1. More time to prepare for Burning Crusade 2. No gym on train 3. Wouldn’t be able to upload podcast B. Turtle mount card i. WoW World of Warcraft TURTLE MOUNT Saltwater Snapjaw V BURNING CRUSADE A. Buffy in Blood Elf NPC B. Hunting in Silverpine with Trillia C. Jewelcrafting and the stone guardian

VI FAVORITE SPOTS IN WOW A. Un’Goro Crater VII EMAIL A. CtrlAltWoW.blogspot.com B. CtrlAltWoW@gmail.com VIII TIPS AND HINTS A. Bank/Mule – great place to store stuff for later B. Check the Addon sites for an add on Called Character Viewer C. If you have an enchanter, you can mail her BOE stuff and she can enchant them and mail them back to you if you can’t dual box

Ctrl Alt WoW



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