Brewfest Ram Racing     Lots of fun, takes some finesse. Barkers Wanted Mystery Hunts Aprillian: 

New Hunter Twink Orc Quea, now 7. Dual boxed with Rilfire, level 51 Tauren Hunter and Auntrillia along with Ashayo who had Jekle and Hiide.  We went to Jentha A'Lor for

Hearthstones - good to use in Starting areas.

Mac Video Recording - Having lots of fun with it. The quality is great

Yeah Brewfest!  I had a lot of fun doing these activities with Arlaerus.  I also found a potentially cool new guild.  I won't name them until I'm sure they're up-and-running, but it things are looking up.  I got Palanor to level 13 and Arlaerus to lever 43.  One more level until the next skill buying spree for both of them.  I also started a new Undead, Warlock named Mortlente (slow death in French).  He's going to be the antithesis of Arlaerus, who is Mr. Goody-goody on the Alliance side.  I also finally got to go exploring in Uldaman.  I love the "Map Room".  What a great ode to Indiana Jones!  Oh, and the pink elekks...those reminded me of the scene from Dumbo when the mouse character (whatever his name is) got drunk and say pink elephants.
I you haven't already, install LightHeaded.  It's a great time saver when it comes to playing WoW full-screen.  No more alt-tabbing to a Web browser to check Thottbot.  All of the coords and quest discussions are right there.
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From Darrell "Also you dont need to say "we'll be right back" and have music cuz for us listeners, time does not pass when you hit the pause button. Just pretend you took a breath between sentences."

This done more for the chapters than really for the break.  If someone wanted to find something later, they can go back to a chapter and search from there.

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