First Show, went pretty well.  Covered the outline to be used in the rest of the shows.

I       WHAT’S GOING ON     A.    Intro to CAW     B.    Why so many alts     C.    First Alt exp Wow II       WOW NEWS     A.    Accounts Closed     B.    Key loggers in Addons     C.    End of Weekly MaintainceI III       SERVER SHOUT OUT     =    Let's hear from the servers, guild, what have you. IV       IN THE HOUSE     =    The Real world and how it affects play

V       BURNING CRUSADE     =    My observation of BC Beta so far

VI       SERVER COMPARISONS     =    Request for info on similar topics across different servers VII       EMAIL     =    Asking for emails

VIII       TIPS AND HINTS     =    Short tips and tricks I thought were valuable

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