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Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s great MMORPG and the Bladed Edge!

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Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s great MMORPG and the Bladed Edge!

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What We've Been Doing:


RAF is OVER, so back to my old stuff.  Tues morning before the regular maintenance, I used Veyle, who had the Netherstorm FP, to get the DK's to there.  I was going to finish quests in Nagrand, I wanted to have one area done, but I realized they weren't getting good xp.  Then during break Tue night, I had the DK's easily killing stuff in Netherstorm.  I could probably take them to Northrend now with no problem.  One of the things I'm itching to do is get an Engineer.  So I thought I should get those Alliance Dark Knights out of the DK starting area.  I forgot how much fun the DK starting area is. A dwarf and Nelf, boy that bouncing is irritating.

Finally went to Blade's Edge with the DK's and Auruk.  I had skipped over this area with Aprillian, I did parts of Nagrand then went to Netherstorm and hit 68 out there an went to Northrend.  So now I'm in Evergrove for the most part.  I love the variety in that zone.

Aprillian can make Ebonweave and stuff, but really doesn't know where to go. She went to Og and took the Zeppelin to Borean Tundra and rode all the way to Dragonblight ran south through the snow and swam up the coast.  She had a quest to talk to someone in Moa'ki Harbor and then swam to Emerald Dragonshrine and made Moonshroud

At work with only two accounts, I ran Auruk with alternating DK's.  I ran into a Scalewing Serpent that was bright red and Auruk had to have one.  After going back to the stable, she realzied she had duplicates.

Aurruk and Elyte got Medium Rare Acheivement


Stormwind raid

Ashayo and Aheal hit Honored with Sons of Hodir this week. Which opened up the daily "Thrusting Hodir's Spear" quest. Flying around on a wild wyrm attacking it with a spear. Tough to start with, but fun when you figure out what the hell is going on! It can also be bugged from time to time (evident when the Wyrm is green - buttons won't, no damage, no dodge, no grip - death. Relog seems to fix it.

Ran quite a few Heroics this week - Azjol Nerub (wipe on spiders before 1st boss even with strong group - is there a secret method here?), Violet Hold, and Old Kingdom. Killing your fellow players in heroic mode during insanity on the last boss is quite challenging for those of us with little PvP experience. Warlocks fear FTW!

Gretta the Arbiter in Brunnhildra Village offers dailies. Supposed to be two, but only getting one (bug). Chance of polar bear mount in the quest reward bag.

Also completed Storm Peaks quest Achievement: The Summit of Storm peaks In K3, after doing the quest chain to activate teleporter, go back through the teleporter and pickup a further quest. This leads to being able to do the daily landmine quest.

Ashayo OS 25-man pre-naxx. one shot it, yay! Plague quarter - Heigan the Unclean - safety dance! Finally figured out how stay alive. Construct Quarter - Grobbulus on 2nd attempt (124k on 1st)

Asheal 25 man Naxx - The Arachnid Quarter. Grand Widow Faerlina - Priests are needed here to mind control mobs and sacrifice them at the boss when she enrages. I rarely use mind control and was worried I'd stuff it up. Well, I did actually, because no-one told me I had to be standing right next to the boss when I sacrifice. So, after a wipe, we got her down on the 2nd attempt.

Plague Quarter Loatheb - can only heal for 3 second gaps during fight. Tough fight for healers!


Running more heroics - Healing is much easier with a good group - DPS/Tanks/Healers they all have a part to play...

Arlaerus has been getting some sweet lootz
Sons of Hodir dailies - getting rep - but be careful of the Wild Wyrm bug
Working on jewelcrafting
Can now make Titan Steel - 20-hour cool down
Obsidium Sanctum 25 - tried 1 Drake down - no go on that
OMG Bronze Drake!

Bladed Edge

Blade here.

I was up rather late Friday night, so late that I did my dailies for the Wyrmrest Accord when a call-to-arms, of sorts, came... a guildie (Mujitsu) needed help with the 'big three' in Dragonblight. For those of you not *quite* there yet, there are three quests from Agmar's Hammer that involve an inevitable group as they want you to dispatch a trio of level 74 elites (each with around 100,000 health or so) across the zone. As I was on Skull (my tank) I rose to the occasion! Maybe I'm patting my own back a little much, but Muji and I two-manned the elites down easily... granted we were both level 76 (me a warrior tank and Mujitsu a feral druid)... but it seemed that I took very little, if any damage from them... does the level-comparison thing scale *that* much... was it my 'mad tanking skillz'?  Or was it the fact that my health bar didn't seem to go down all that fast due to my having 20,000 health unbuffed? Well *I* thought it was pretty impressive... I'm told reliably that 27,000 is a mark to achieve for heroics and raid tanking... I'm making it a personal goal to exceed 30,000 once I hit level 80.

I've been thinking about Aprillian's little problem, too... no more Refer-A-Friend instant-summons... but what to do? How can you multi-box your toons from one area to the next?  Especially if one is on an epic mount, another on a normal mount and a third with no mount at all? I don't know if this is a complete fix, or just a band-aid solution, and it's a little pricy... but the benefit might overshadow the cost of: A Traveller's Tundra Mammoth. Yeah... I know what you're thinking... 19,000 gold?!?  Blade, are you as crazy as your old Uncle Throgg? Well yes, but that's not the point. Lush leather exteriors... all-terrain movement... decent mileage... and lots of trunk space! Plus... the fuel cost is peanuts! And talk about 'extra features'!... I've come across these mounts a couple of times when someone *else* was riding them... and discreetly availed myself of their portable-vendors. One on each side / saddlebag... you can repair and everything with them! Or... and here's the benefit to you, and other multi-boxers, specifically... bump the NPC vendors out of the saddlebags and you have space for not one, but *two* extra characters (and plenty of legroom!)... so you can literally move all three multi-boxed toons around as one tightly-packed unit! Oops!  Need a vendor? Mount up! Your NPCs are right there waiting! Them bump the NPCs out again and you're ready to pull your multi-boxed miniature-'you's around to further adventures! Have Aprillian take 'the twins' out for a drag around Northrend when they hit 68! Ah... you say... 'So what?  I can fly!' Not in Northrend... at least not until level 77 and another thousand gold expenditure for the cold-weather flying skill... Plus... Northrend is so massive... epic flying is almost a *must-have*... so that's another 5,000 per toon... Add it up... 18,000 for epic flying and cold-weather flying for all three toons WHEN you hit level 77... what will you do until then? The Mammoth might be the answer...

From the 'Dirty Little Tricks' Department... As I approach the end-level of 80, I've been thinking more and more about raiding and epic dungeons... and how it could be made a bit more efficient in terms of crowd control... I'm sure we've all encountered a scenario (as whatever class) of having multiple mobs attacking, with the tank fighting to control all the aggro, the healer fighting to keep the tank up... and the dps running about willy-nilly drawing aggro from additional mobs and then running away... (stand still, already! ... but that's a rant for another time...) Here's a macro that might help sort things out... this one's all about Crowd Control... (Dunno who wrote it, exactly, so props to where I found it) /focus [target=focus, exists, nodead] focus; [btn:2] [] target /cast [target=focus] **insert crowd control spell here** When I think 'crowd control', I think 'sheep'... but Shackle Undead or any other 'pull the mob out of the combat' spell will work just fine. So put this macro where your crowd-control spell would be. Once the target is identified for control, another target can be selected for damage or to be healed, with the crowd-controlled target available to be controlled until it's time to take it down properly. Wowwiki also states that it's common for people to add a shout line to warn off would-be sheep-breakers: /y Controlling >>%t<<... You spank it, you tank it!

Here's another utilitarian macro that more than one style of class might find use for: /cast [target=mouseover, exists] [] **Name of spell** Basically, this one lets you mouse over (but not click!) any enemy or group member or NPC and cast the chosen spell with a click of the macro button... this might make raid healing just a bit easier... mousever then hit the button saves you from clicking each raid member independently before you cast... and with some of those bosses hitting super-hard, a second might make all the difference between some nice epic drops and a wipe... Atternately, this could be used by dps with multiple-target spells... or by the tank to drop some threat onto a second mob without shaking up your button rotation to do so... or tabbing (which might cause you to tab something completely *not* in the combat at the time... a potentially hazardous situation... I've done it... it sucked...

<evil orc laugh>

From Ol' Blade's Easter Egg Basket... When in the Wetlands, either you're Alliance and you have quests there, or you're Horde and you have to do that thrice-cursed mind-numbing run from Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands to Kargath in the Badlands... Yeah... we've all done it... Personally, I say we Horde should commandeer the elf-boats from Auberdine, and conquer Menethil Harbour!  Save ourselves a lot of needless running... Well... at least they put in a little something along the way... so to all of you who haven't yet made the 'epic journey' from teenager to adulthood... I mean... Arathi to Badlands... this one's for you. On the broken side of the bridge (from the south-side - you Alliance-types will need to come here anyway to find the body of a missing dwarf... you will have to go inside the bridge. In the room where the dwarf is found you will *also* find a mechanical arm in a glass container near the wall... look closely, the arm even twitches now and then... All in all, a pretty nifty /nod to the 1991 movie Terminator 2... but then that brings up a question... if the Dark Iron Dwarves blew up the bridge... does that make the Alliance gnomes agents of Skylab? I *knew* we had to cull their numbers for a reason!  Our very future is at stake! Speaking of robotics... let's move all the way out to Area 52 in Netherstorm... through a quest series, you're led to a goblin near town named Doctor Vomisa, Ph.T. <B.O.O.M. Experimentalist> who gives you a quest involving a robot... What's so special about this guy? Reverse his name. The quest name "You, Robot" is also a big clue... This proud goblin's name is an homage to who else but Isaac Asimov, one of the fore-fathers of science-fiction literature.

As always, an awesome podcast guys!

Loremaster Blade


Email #1 from Keelhaul

Thank you for clearing up my hunter Kill Shot question. I heard a newer listener to Ctrl Alt Wow ask about getting started dual boxing. I posted the below "mini guide" in the AIE forums a while back. It's pretty good for those who just want to try dual boxing out to see if they like it or not. Obviously I dont expect you to read the below on air but if you like it, feel free to post it on the Ctrl Alt Wow site so your many non-AIE listeners can read it as well. Thanks again for the great podcast. I really look forward to hearing all your in game adventures each week.


Emails #2 from MO

Hello, we can never say thank you enough, so thank you for your on the podcast.

To my last email about starting characters on the new FULLY! locked realm borean tundra, bad idea eh!?

Well I was able to start my new alliance characters; I did start new ones with my RF (love the triple xp!) :)

I started a pally female draenei named Shahram and female druid NE named kasra.

I was able to level them to 23 from friday to monday but wow talk about a humbling experience. Starting from scratch, was not fun and fun at the same time. It really makes me appreciate my main server Balanzzar and all my high characters and the GOLD, GOLD I say i can make with them.

It is very strange to go through a server where everything on the AH is in copper an silver and i cant even sell my copper ore or leather.

But I was able to for the first time, tank and heal Dead mines, or VC as some people call it. I know it is a low instance but wow it is click click between screens and more importantly I just yell at myself if I die! :)

Even though I still hate pallys, going back to pre-BC days but protect spec is not bad so far.  I had no idea Pallys have a taunt spell: hand of reckoning. And experiencing healing by a druid is still a learning experience, especially since on both characters I dont have enough to train all my skills.

So to go on, I have also been able to experience a new Addon for me, Carbonite (I think that is how you spell it) it is another map/quest tracker addon.  It is not bad and light, only about 6mb. After QH I was using Light headed but so far Carbonite is not bad.  I still like quest guru as well. I know i have to rely less on addons but you know I am used to it now for what it is worth.

Well time for some wowing for me so take care all and just for the time being:

For the Alliance (but really for the horde :))

Oh and thank you for giving the go ahead to make a Ctrlaltwow guild, I will try to make it somewhere and hope people can join to have some in-game fun :)

Email #3

Hello Everyone!  What a pleasant surprise to have the lucky roll this week.  It's a ruse to have me write again, isn't it... Well, it worked.
I would like to have the authenticator please.  I have been thinking of getting one, and for once my procrasination has paid off.  Thank you!
I have one comment to add regarding the account bound items.  There is a wonderful mod called "rating buster" that compares armor, weapons, and jewelry with what you have equipped, and advises if it is an upgrade or not.  Thus, your alt can quickly compare the account bound item with what you already have, to see if it would be worthwhile for you.
Berte the Love Fool   *blush*

Email #4

Hey Guys,

Thank you so much for the WoW Mini.  You were right.  It does look great.  The pictures do not do them justice.

I thought I would send you another portion of Beastcaller's adventures.

Thanks, Josh

Email #5 from El Jeppy

Hi everybody,

I have been quite a long time listener (well since Aprils great appearance on 'How I WoW') and have also enjoyed going back through past shows. It really is like listening to friends chat about the game I love so what's not to like.

I have been playing WoW for nearly 2 years and apart from a small flirtation with second life (floaty dangly bits drove me away rapidly) WoW has been my first real online 'meta' experience.

Having recently retired I now have more time than I know what to do with and so my playing of WoW as well as exploring other online avenues has increased substantially. As well as my WoW addiction I am also freebasing EVEOnline, LotRO and the occasional delve into Warhammer. I always come back to WoW though and it feels like coming back home from a business trip and sleeping in your own bed again.

I have also been bitten by the multiboxing bug and now have a desk full of monitors and a floor full of PCs and an electricity bill that would choke a donkey! But I love it.

I have the capacity to 5 man but rarely do more than 3 and quite often just dual box. I am also a huge fan of RAF. My greatest thrill is sitting in a major city and giving out copious amounts of levels from my referred accounts. The crys of 'haxor' , 'cheater' and other expletives ringing in my ears as my toons dance from level to level. I have also received a certain amount of grief whilst levelling teams by quest but make good use of the ignore button on those occasions. There is little that would make me stop playing the way I love to play.

Anyhow I will say my goodbyes to you Aprillian, Ashayo and the not to be forgotten Glanthur until the next time I put finger (yes just the one) to keyboard.

Happy WoWing

El Jeppy

Email #6 from Valathilia Hello This is Valathilia from the Maiev server I just want to give a shout out to you guys, just want to say I love your podcast I am a first time listner. And I just have to say I enjoy your humor and great tips from your show, well thank you for such a great podcast

P.s First time I ever write a email to a podcast so it's a bit weird cause I have no idea what to say hopefully I will get better

Ty and cya from valathilia

Sent from my iPod

Email #7 from Jason

I just saw the podcast notes for Episode 101.  I noticed you read my email, but I have been ill with my daughter and wife.  My wife is pregnant and expecting another pixie on August 21st.  YAY!  Anyway, by the time I was able to download the episode on iTunes to listen to you guys you had posted Episode 102 so I couldn't download it.
Did I win the email drawing?
If so:
Please send authenticator to...
If not, that is fine as well.  I still listen to your show and LOVE it!
BTW, another fun thing I noticed with my now lvl 47 hunter Chilie.  Have you ever seen Clarice Foster? A tribute to Jodie Foster and her charecter in "Silence of the Lambs" Clarice Starling.  She is under Thunder Bluff and gives you a quest fairly early in the game.  The really interesting thing is her mouth is sewn shut.  Now that is attention to detail for Blizzard!

Email #8 from Ginsue

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo & Glanthor,

I was late getting to episode 101 and I am listening to 102 as I type.

In episode 101 Glanthor asked about the benefits of gathering over jewel crafting. My level 80 rogue is a jewel crafter and has a few of the epic designs that are obtained by doing JC daily quests.

The mats are very easy to grind and the most expensive one (the dragon's eyes) you get from completing the JC dailys. The epic rings and necks sell from anywhere from 1000 to 1500 gold a piece on my server anyway. Once you have the designs you can make an epic piece every 4 days. I have found Jewel crafting to be the easiest way to make gold so far in Wow.

I hope this helps.

Love the show. I listen to a few Wow podcasts and you 3 seem to really enjoy the game.

Happy hunting,

Ginsue (named after the set of knives if you remember them)

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This episode of Ctrl Alt WoW is dedicated to the Volunteer and Career Firefighters who have worked tirelessly this past week battling fires throughout Victoria and to those that lost their homes, livelihood and worst, love ones.  Our hearts go out to you.

Contest-  Write us at Visit our website at

This episode of Control Alt Wow is dedicated to the brave volunteer and career firefighters who have worked tirelessly this past week, battling fires throughout Victoria. And to those that lost homes, livelihoods and worse, loved ones, our hearts go out to you.

What We've Been Doing:


In Felwood to get the elder coin.  Lost track of who had been where.  I can tell in game with the achievement screen

"Searching for the third segment to the Key to Time brings the Doctor and Romana to 1970's Earth, where the travellers have to contend with stone circles, Druidic rituals, and a not-so-mythical goddess known as the Cailleach."  Sounds like the group in Northrend.

Running Epril and Elyte to Darnassus and mining along the way.  I'm going to start an Engineer soon. Got to figure out who but probably one of my Alli DK's and only after my RAF runs out.

Aprillian used 2 badges of Justice for shoulder enchant

Ran Aprillian and two DK's to Auberdine, again, then they died under the boat, and took the boat to Darnassus, died inside and rezzed in Dolannar.  Got the coin there and in Darnassus. Time is going on my RAF.  It ends on 2/14 at 7pm.  And now this Love is in the Air stuff started.  Ran RFC with some.

Thur spending time getting FP for all lower level characters using the DK's, and getting their hearths set to Dalaran.

Friday alternated between getting hearts and getting Loqu to 20. Figuring out who gets the Zhevra.

Saturday ran Loqu and others through SFK but ran out of time. Sat night did TM FP.  RAF ran out at 10pm server time, 7pm Blizz time.


Love is in the Air - No booze in UC - Social experiment - how lazy are people? eg Freshly baked pie - up to 10g each! - Insert rant on bag of candies ;) - Love fool - finally on the 6th candy bag

Ashayo - Heroic Nexus - enough Emblems of Heroism to buy plagueheart gloves (Riversky on his Death Knight) - Heroic Azjol Nerub - Sash of the servant - Heroic Culling of Stratholme (but wiped, so ran out of time to get the drake mount) - Heroic Utgarde Pinacle (achievement for bringing down harpoon boss - Skadi the Ruthless - in one pass) (Thanks Dills!) - Naxx 25 man - Grobbulus is tough on 25-man!

Achievement - Got my mind on the money - loot 1000g ; harder for dual boxer

Jekle started spending jewelcrafting tokens. Bought several gems and made Titanium Spellshock Necklace for Ashayo

Dual-boxed Nexus with Jekle and Hiide. Tough on last boss, because you have to keep moving the entire fight.

AIE Guild parade for 2nd Anniversary - A march from Silvermoon to Undercity, Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff.

3.0.9 patch - pretty much non-event. Did fix the jerky movement of nearby players.


- Been running more heroics on Arlaerus and Glanthur

- I'm a mediocre healer at best - LOL
- Love is in the Air
- Running Scholomance on Arlaerus - trying to gain Argent Dawn reputation
- Dropped blacksmithing and took up jewelcrafting on Arlaerus
- Having 2 level 80s is so much fun

Bladed Edge

Hey all... Blade here...

"News of your accomplishments has traveled far. The winds of turmoil howl through our lands. Those who stand to challenge evil are our only hope. Only those who listen to the winds understand the debts our fallen heroes have paid to protect our people. May a hero such as yourself live long to tell the tales of your adventures. For only then will we remember just how much we have to be thankful for. Our appreciation runs deep, Loremaster. For the Horde! - Cairne Bloodhoof"

First off, allow me a brief moment of ego to relish in the fact that I'm getting email questions! Yay!  Moar questions, kk thx! Now... Xandarr asked about a mysterious object in Sholazar Basin... the specific coordinates are 38,37... a hatch... The numbers it gives you are 5 9 16 17 24 43... and yes, indeed, this does seem to be a /nod to the television show Lost. The specific part of the show?  Ben's safe!... but not quite... in the show, the actual combination is 4 8 15 16 23 42... Sorry for the spoiler...

<evil orc laugh>


The question was asked as to what Ol' Blade does... or more specifically... what it is that stops Ol' Blade from contributing more to the podcast... along the lines of a regular vocal soundbyte or more-frequent appearances... Let me preface by saying how much I appreciate the email readings and the patience you all show in reading my rather-lengthy emails each and every time... you see... the emails are usually compiled in bits and pieces over the course of the week... Ol' Blade's a full-time student, and a part-time medical professional... so I don't have a whole lot of 'free time'... Ashayo once mentioned: "but Ol' Blade seems to be online more than I am"... Yes and no. I'm logged in, yes... especially on weekends when the evening queue threatens to not allow you on for a while... I keep myself logged in if I have enough access to my computer... but I'd say at least half my time logged in lately has been me hovering on Bladetusk's lolcopter in a safe area while I'm doing something else *not* in the world of Azeroth. So yeah... I'm in... and that's probably why if you've whispered me I didn't get back to you for five minutes or more... I was probably editing a term paper... It's the same reason why I have yet to be able to jump into Heroic dungeons and start to truly experience the so-called 'end-game'... I can't guarantee the amount of time I'd need in Azeroth to be able to do so... I'd *like* to spend the time to contribute a soundbyte... and I hope to be able to find the time to do so... but for now, you'll have to survive with mai emails...

Heh heh heh...

From the 'Dirty Little Tricks' Department... I've started back in on Skullblade finally... it seems like forever since I played him... and it shows... every three or four fights if I get into a bit of trouble, I'll hit my 'Vanish' button - and my Battle Shout goes off... or I maneuver to set myself up for an attack and hit my Stealth button... and I end up Charging into the enemy... and Pickpocketing on a Warrior is completely out... don't even try it, I can verify with 100% certainty that it won't work... But I will persevere! I had a discussion with a guildmate the other day... and I realized that I haven't given a lot of love to the other classes... all I've been talking about is *my* main three - Warrior, Rogue and Hunter... Would you like a macro suggestion for your class?  Would you like a nifty hint or trick to make your class that much more cool to play? Let me know! If it's out there... I'll find it! For now, though... I discovered that I made a serious error! Victory Rush and Defensive Stance won't work together. That macro I gave will work just fine for Berserk Stance and Battle Stance... but there's no love for that macro for tanks. Terribly sloppy of me... sorry 'bout that guys... To make up for it, here's a macro just about anyone can use: It's a simple one - /cast and /use is all it's about... fill as many lines as you want with your various self-healing methods Rogues could also submit [/cast Evasion] here... Hunters might even use [/cast Feign Death]... [/use Major Healthstone] (or Super Healing Potion, or Fel Blossom, or Nightmare Seed, Lifebloom... et cetera... et cetera...) You *could*, if you are a caster with healing spells, toss a heal into this mix... but I'd advise against it... I'd keep your spells separate so that you can keep track of the mana expenditure... Warriors *could* place [/cast Last Stand] - but it might not be the best idea if you're leveling or playing solo... See... here's another discovery... this one I caught *before* I sent it in... Using Last Stand prohibits you from using a health potion in combat... Recall the recent change where you can only drink one potion per combat?  And where the 1 minute cooldown for potions starts the second you aren't in combat anymore? Well... Last Stand counts as a 'self-heal', so it counds against you if you use it... "No potion-soup for you!" So... for all you less-than-epic warrior tanks out there... the 30% health boost is awfully spiffy, but as it disappears on you (usually, in my experience, at a crucial moment), you're better off using a health potion unless you have a healer watching your butt... Or make a separate macro and drag-and-drop it into the action bar (or set-up action bar #2 for when you're grouped) so that it's ready if/when you need it... or you could set up a protocol to have it go off when you hit Ctrl as well as your hotkey... So that line would look like: /cast [modifier:ctrl] Last Stand That should do it...

Oh... and here's a quick freebie... remember that Charge/Taunt macro I use? I added /cast Bloodrage and /cast Shield Block to it... it seems they aren't on the same cooldown, either... but they are on the global... so you'll periodically have to hit the button to have one or more of them go off... but you'll be hitting it *anyway* as you'll be taunting every six seconds or so... As a quick-fix to let you know when Sheild Block or Bloodrage are up, simply put their buttons on the hotbar about your number bar... so you can instantly see when they're ready to go...

From Ol' Blade's Easter Egg Basket... Following my recent warrior-theme, there comes a time in every warrior's career (level 30) when you learn how to truly harness your rage into a palpable force... and gain the Berserker Stance. Who better, in Ol' Blade's opinion, to teach you the art of warfare than an Islander? (Highlander) The guy you all will have to speak to in order to get your Berserker stance is on Fray Island... his name... Klannoc Mcleod the Islander. I'd bet that if you could ask this guy where he was from, he'd probably say "Lots of different places". One wonders if there are any more like him in the world... will there be a great epic battle if there are?  Or can there be only one?

Speaking of movies... here's one for you Alliance types... Around Duskwood, there's a fellow by the name of Antonio Perelli (he's a Travelling Salesman)... he's on the route from Goldshire to Sentinel Hill, Darkshire to Lakeshire (so far as I know) Be wary when you meet this guy... and watch out for maniacal barbers... You see... Signor Adolfo Pirelli is the Italian hair-tonic snake-oil salesman that Sweeny Todd kills at the beginning of the film...

As always, an awesome podcast, guys...

For Tha Horde!

Loremaster Blade

Audio Submission

Hey guys,

I want to do submit something about my alts and what better way to do that than to let you hear it directly “from the hunter’s mouth”.  I have attached an interview I did with Beastcaller, my favorite alt.




Email #1 from John

Glanthar was debating if he wanted to switch to Jewelcrafting, so I thought I'd send in my vote that "yes" it is worthwhile to switch to Jewelcrafting. In my opinion jewelcrafting is one of the best professions for a paladin that switches roles* occasionally.

*(Please Blizzard. Hurry up with the dual-spec, those 50 gold respecs are killing me)

I plan on making the same profession change on my Paladin alt, except I'm keeping blacksmithing and dropping mining. I have a death knight alt that's going to become my new miner. There are a lot of JC leveling guides that make it easy to level the profession, plus my main is a jewelcrafter so I have a few extra gems to help with leveling.

One more thing - Grats! to Ashayo picking up one of the best DPS trinkets in Naxx. We have a lot of mages, warlocks, moonkin still waiting for that to drop.

Xannguyen-Khadgar Realm Level 80 Draenei Holy Priest Prospector-Khadgar Realm Level 80 Dwarf Protection/Holy Paladin

Email #2 Berte LeDwarf

*waves hello*

Hi Everyone!  I've been listening to CtlAltWow since the first few episodes and I have successfully resisted Aprillian's pleas and bribes to email, until now.

During the last episode, I heard Glanthur say he doesn't have anything to spend his emblems on, and I had to reply.  First, do consider the tier gear.  For many classes it is a nice upgrade.
But altaholics will find the bind on account items a huge boon.  These items scale with the level of the alt. and can be swapped between toons of the same faction on the same account.   So you can buy the item for a level one, or a lvl 50 or a lvl 70.  I purchased the staff, Dignified Headmaster's Charge,  for my level 70 warlock.  My warlock is Kara geared, but this staff is a nice upgrade.  I figure when she's done with it, I can send it to my level 70 mage or my lvl 70 balance druid… and then there's my lvl 25 shadow priest…  Also, check out the shoulders with the wicked 10% experience increase!  The cloth ones are called Tattered Dreadmist Mantle.
For alliance, the emblem vendor with the complete emblem inventory is in Dalaran, upstairs in the building with all the portals to the rest of Azeroth.  I assume there is a comparable vendor for the horde.  Look for the items with the yellow titles.
Berte, the elder merrymaker holy priest explorer (who is one squashling short of being hallowed)
aka Sassy Dwarf with the cool braid.

Email #3 from MO

Hello, yes another email from Mo :)

I was listening to wowarcast, yes I am a podcastholic as well, but its nice to get others perspectives. They mentioned that they had created new characters on Borean Tundra, a new normal realm, US side I believe. So I created a NE hunter of course and  a  NE druid. Yes yes I know that has been done so many times before, but I love hunters and also I want to try a healing druid spec.

So my idea was to have a CTRLALTWOWAlliance guild and also one on the horde side. People like myself, Aprillian, Ashayo, blade, the ones that are Horde heavy, we try out the Alliance.  I do believe that if you dont experience both factions you do miss many beautiful zones.

And the people out there that are Alliance heavy, you know who you are ----> Glanthur, :) and they would call the guild Ctrlalthorde

Or if people wish we can come up with a better name but it would be nice to use the podcast name and I would also like to ask for your permission to at least start the alliance side one as soon as i have the gold to do it. So my hunters name is a very clever name, Moblue, took me a long time to come up with that, and druid is kitcat,

Maybe you all and/or the listeners will have better ideas.

I actually had to delete some characters to create the new ones as I am character maxed out on my 2 accounts ;/

Oh and I have bee getting the itch to do the refer a friend again but trying not to do it yet, but it is SOOOOOOOOO fun.

Ok I will leave you be till next week and hope to see some people on Borean Tundra, the few times im on there,

thank you,

-- Mo

Email #4 from Keelhaul

Hey gang. I love the podcast and have been following it for a few months now. I to am somewhat of an alt-o-holic and have a decent number of characters accross a few realms. I get an itch to play one particular character and will go all out on him for a month or so then get bored and hop to another for a bit.
I am currently leveling a dwarf hunter who is 77. I noticed that one of his attacks, Kill Shot I believe, says its range is 5 - 30 yards or so just like all of the other ranged attacks I have, but it doesnt seem to work if I am close to the 5 yard mark. All of my other attacks work fine except kill shot. Is this a known bug of some sort? Anyway thanks again and keep up the great work.
Here's a little joke that you may have already heard:
Why do Gnomes laugh when they run?
The grass tickles their underside :)
-KeelhaulEmail #5 from Faghleis Heya guys,

A few things, I would say I love the show and am currently going though the back catalog. I especially love the fact that there is a fellow Aussie who i can listen to in the plethora of wow podcasts that are out there. I know you have probably answered these in the past, but i probably haven't gotten there quite yet. I was wondering if you could do a segment discussing the pros and cons of different means of controlling your alts when multiboxing, eg key cloners (and how specific things you would need to do to get them running properly) to the good old alt tab method. The next question is purely out of curiosity, Best guess... What will be the next hero class if there is one?

Thanks for your time guys and look forward to the next podcast. Faghleis from Holy Knights on the Khaz'garoth server

See show notes at

Contest - Send in an email and be entered into the roll for either one month's free of WoW or an authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Veyle is so close to dinging that I logged off on her and logged in on Primall ungrouped with Auruk following.  I know I can go to a higher area and get better XP and I probably should.  Maybe Winterspring.  The only reason I was in Azhara was for the whelpling and I saw someone hawking in Trade Chat so the chances of me getting one has gone down. So after killing a couple of more for good luck, I hearthed and headed to WS.  Winterspring was good.  I also had Aprillian running around getting coins and when she ended up in Winterspring at the same time Primall and Auruk were there, I decided to do some summoning of lower level characters.

Primall ran around killing the Highbane spirit things and after Aprillian had summoned everyone she could, Primall dinged 58, I logged Veyle on and Primall gave her a level to get to 47 and then Primall killed a few more things and Veyle dinged 48.

Tuesday morning, no maintainence, just rolling restarts.  Ran Primall with Elyte in Hellfire.  Primall was getting RAF experience and she was 2/3 to 59 when I logged off.

Wed morning got on Shemain and Prillia and ran them around the orc/troll starting area while Aprillian did dailies.  I also had Aprillian run out to Auberdine to get the elder there and when I found it was so easy, I ran Epril out and then had her summon someone on the RAF account and the Aprillian created a portal and did some more summoning.

Thur I ran Shemain and Prillia to Crossroads and then Aprillian came out and we did some more summoning.  Then down to Camp T and then Camp and I had all the toons who hadn't done it do the Ezra Wheathoof quest.

Thu evening I decided I wanted all of my level 1 characters to get to at least 6 if not 10.  Brought Theeapril out of Shat by creating a new undead and had her summon theeapril and then she summoned bankapril.  The sound in the undead starting area is like the sound when you are dead.  Figured another reason to get these low levels up and with coins, the stuff they buy at the vendors, pets, etc, are cheaper.  Sat morning running Delish <Anarchy> and AprilOfficer around.  Took Delish first to undead starting area. The warlock quest to get an imp is way easier there than any of the other two, Belf you have to get to level 5 first, and Orcs you have to get to at least 4 and go over to the cave.


Icecrown quests - chain to open up Crusaders' Pinnacle as a quest hub - and finally the extra dailies from the airship

Heroics: Asheal - Healed Heroic Violet Hold Ashayo - Heroic Utgarde Keep ; epic ring

Oracles - another tickbird and cobra

Levelling tailoring by making frostweave bags for guildies Asheal finally got around to making magnificent flying carpet

Jekle & Hiide in UK with Ecu tanking. Still wiped on last boss ; but romped it in with a 5th Jekle and Hiide jumped straight to Dragon Blight and do the group "Wanted" quests. Jekle dings 72 ; Hiide not far behind Hiide - Azjol Nerub, Nexus

Went back to level Hiide's herbalism, coz I couldn't pick in Dragonblight. Ending up sneaking around Sholazar Basin to pick adder's tongue (best for inscription). Oracle area is good - quite a few nodes, and no aggro. Can also venture into Frenzy Heart because you're neutral with both until you've done the quest line.

Started questing in Storm Peaks at K3 trying to get Sons of Hodir dailies open there too. You get sent to Brunnhildar Village, inhabited by the blue female Frost Vrykul. You get transformed into one for the majority of the chain. These are quite a bit larger toons than players, which is most evident when I stand beside my now puny Felguard. The proto-drake mounts also shake their head from side to side. On a normal toon, this doesn't move the player, but as a Vrykul, the whole rider shakes from side to side. The quest chain is very long and involves fighting on bears. Eventually get to a point where you use a harpoon to leap from dragon to dragon and fight the rider, while all the while circling the Temple of Storms. The harpoon has a chain attached, and it feels like your spider man, swinging from a web. Cool stuff! Asheal hit 2000 quests on the last in this quest chain.

Vault of Archavon 10 man - rogue and priest ; we had none. vault of Archavon 25 man - druid and rogue ; we had none.

Saturday - ISP probs right before Naxx raid But got in. Did Arachnid quarter. Got trinket off last boss - [Dying Curse] Then Plague Quarter - Heigan the Unclean ; horrible kiting between lava ; lag/latency is deadly


In yet another new guild - Sempiternal.  So far... so good.

Still debating whether I should switch from mining to jewelcrafting.
Arlaerus in at 79. Almost... Oh, he's still Holy.
Glanthur has achieved all of the items you can acquire through the Badges of Heroism.
Respeced Glanthur to get fine tune his talents.  Got rid of his PVP-geared talents (Silencing Shot / Aimed Shot).
Sangfroid is doing well in Hellfire.  Should I dual-wield as a tank?
Healed Nexus (Normal) with Arlaerus - really like Beacon of Light.

Bladed Edge

The Bladed Edge

Hey all... Blade here... I have to say... it is SO nice to be back in Northrend again, gaining *real* experience and *real* quest gold now that I've successfully completed not only the Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, but that of Kalimdor and Outland as well! As of this email, I have less than 200 quests to go... then I'm going to give ol' Blade a needed break and start tanking again with Skullblade. Oh... and level 80 completely snuck up on me, too... I wasn't even paying attention until I went to change my reputation experience bar to the Kalu'ak again from Netherwing... and I noticed my *actual* xp bar was a solid blue streak... a quick mouse-over... and I had less than 30,000 xp to go! Whoa! So... yeah... Ol' Blade's officially at the proverbial end-game... meaning I can't gain anymore official xp... But the gold gets better now... from my brief calculations, it looks like a bonus of probably 25% from what one *would* have gotten before level 80. So... from less than 500 gold yesterday... to just under 2000 gold today. Granted, I *have* been pickpocketing like a mad fiend... so it's not *all* quest gold... but the majority of the Zul'Drak quests were netting me more than 12gold a pop... and I had quite a few left to do. Lots of gold... oh!  And a little surprise in the mail once you hit 80! (Not telling, though...)


From the 'Dirty Little Tricks' Department... More love for the Warriors... mainly 'cause I've been thinking a lot more about tanking once I finish the achievement thing with Bladetusk... That said... this one's a no-brainer... /cast Revenge /cast Heroic Strike Basically, it's a quick and dirty way to snag a bit more threat... if you're like me, and have your keybindings already mapped... #2 is Devastate (plus Victory Rush, as I mentioned in a previous episode...), #3 is Shield Slam, and #4 is Revenge... there's not a lot of room for extra stuff... especially if you add Charge, Thunderclap and any other tricks... or trinkets... or 'Oh Crap' health-recovery macros... So... slip Heroic Strike into the mix underneath the Revenge button... which means if your Revenge isn't up, then Heroic Strike will go off... but here's where you will have to pay a little attention... it's not overly wise to use Heroic Strike with impunity unless you have more than... say... 50 Rage... doing so might throw off your 'shot rotation' and leave you short on Rage when you need it for a bigger-threat skill like Shield Slam. So basically, don't spam the button right away... Heroic Strike *replaces* your regular 'white' attack... and thus instead of gaining rage (as you would with a normal white attack), you actually *lose* rage. Doing that too often too quickly has the distinct possibility of shaving down your rage rather quickly... so... I wouldn't spam the button until you've gone through your rotation completely at least once (you should have enough rage built up by then)... after that... remember where it (your Heroic Strike key) is... and also remember that if you have the Glyph of Revenge, your next Heroic Strike costs no rage... so you can ignore everything I just said...

<evil orc laugh>

From Ol' Blade's Easter Egg Basket... Deep into Northrend in the area of death and unliving voodoo called Zul'Drak lives a formidible individual... Wodin the Troll Servant... this guy's working with Gurgthock at the Ampitheatre of Anguish (which is basically the Ring of Blood (from Outland) version 2.0) What's so unusual about this Wodin fellow?  It is the fact that his goblin chum Gurgthock is riding on a really small mammoth calf? Actually, it's Wodin's pet-companion... none other than Zena, Warrior Kitten!

Now... this next one is a bit odd... In the northeast of the Hinterlands, there's an area called Seradane - one of the four locations of the portals that connect Azeroth to the Emerald Dream. Like the other three, it is an area populated with dragons and dragonkin... but that isn't the interesting part of this particular area. If you follow a path northeast into the mountains, you will come across what looks like a large dragon skull partially surrounded by a circle of rocks, accompanied by the ubiquitous humanoid skeletons and skulls littered around the area. Look at the rocks closely... do they have faces etched on them? Also... the tallest of the rocks seems to be radiating a blue aura around its base... We've seen this sort of rock configuration before... in Arathi Highlands at the various Circles of Binding... but what is the explanation for the circle of stones and bones where it is located at Seradane? I don't know the answer to this one... but I *do* know that it's been around since before either of the expansions... There's plenty of places like this waiting to be discovered by the keen-eyed adventurer...

As always, an awesome podcast guys...

Until next week... For Tha Horde! Blade


Email #1 So, it's Xandarr again.  (Pronounced Zan-Dur)

My wife and I have spoken... I  didn't say that you mentioned her rant in the previous podcast, but before that we had a talk.  I read the email she sent you.  And it is true, I play excessively on the weekdays.  So now I am limiting myself to playing on the weekends and to a minimum.

It seems to be going well... it has only been a week  and a half, but it is going well.  Even to limiting myself to the weekend I am still lvl 35 with my hunter that i started only three weeks ago.

from Xandarr

Something for Blade

So I haven't emailed you guys in a while.  But I do beleive I did tell you that things are going better with my wife and I.  I have slowed down on my gaming time.  It is usually limited to an hour on my lunchbreak at work (on my personal laptop) and then the weekends pretty much.  Sometimes I can get in a couple hours on Thursdays while my wife watches her "shows" (Grays Anatomy and Private Practice)
Anyway, I was adventuring in Sholazar Basin and I found a little thing near a pond.  Unfortunately I didn't get the coordinates.  But you put your curser over it and it spouts off five different numbers.  Hey Blade have you seen this?  Could this be a reference to the TV show LOST?
Chilie (aka Xandarr)

Email #2 from MO Hi, I enjoyed your 100th episode and I know its not an easy task to talk for 2 hours (even if you do love wow) but what an AWESOME podcast!!! and than you so much rolling my way!!! I told my girl friend who tolerates my wowing very patiently and now she expects me to win the lottery (i guess i better go play if i want to win that too).

I am truly great full for your work and winning.

With work and juggling everyday life stuff, wow time is very fun for me and believe it or not very relaxing, and listen to you all is fun as well.

It was nice to hear blade as well.

I cannot wait to see your wow video as I am too curious to see your wow dual boxing.

Well this week, you will not believe it, I am really speachlesss!!! I got a Reins of the Green proto drake!!!! YESSSS It is by far the coolest thing i have ever looted in wow. :)

As you can imagine I am very excited and I will try to send you a screen shot of it

Well take care all till the next email and podcast.


-- Mo

Email #3 from Rick

Hey guys,

Thanks for reading my email it's great to find out I'm breaking the terms of service through my favorite WoW podcast.. Both accounts are paid for by me but I'm sure it's still against the rules. Hopefully I'll be 60 soon then I can leave my friends account in the dust :)

Don't think dual boxing is going to work for me at the moment, alt tabbing between my warlock and paladin in the Uldaman instance didn't work out so well.

Anyway thanks for the advice and sorry I didn't say hello to Blade last week or mention happy 100th episode, great show.



Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Ashayo is back and Glanthur joins us at the end. Good Times. Write us at With Blade Live and In Person!

Contest send in an email and qualify for a drawing to win either a month of WoW or an authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Decided to just tunnel through and spend the money and get Primall up in Enchanting, crazy I know.  Sent Epril to Thrallmar and then summoned Primall and now she is a Grandmaster Enchanter

On the train back to RI, brought Primall and Veyle into ZF for the elder.  After repeat running back from the graveyard for Veyle, I brought in Epril.  She can kill 3 with no problem and Veyle gets just about the same amount of xp.  Ran through ZF and when Veyle was killed, waited tilk Epril got to the Elder and summoned her.

Was all happy with my decision to level Primall to be the De'er and then Aprillian got a Khorium Lockbox while doing the Sunfury plans Daily.  So I thought I should level Veyle, especially since she's on my RAF.  I brought her to ZF with my DK Epril.  While she's not getting the RAF xp while with the DK because she's 66, Veyle, now 41, can get it when she turns in the quests with Primall.  If I remember to put Veyle in stealth before a fight, she can pickpocket the Trolls while Epril kills them.

Took Ashayo's advice and put some glyphs up on the AH and I'll be darn, I'm making a little money and emptying out my inventory.

Everyone dead runs at the same speed.

Wed afternoon, spent time either in ZF or out in the desert running Veyle on stealth while Primall/Epril fights.  Veyle would pickpocket.  But then they realized they both has the pirate hat quest and that they

Thur morning after spending silly hours in Desolace trying to find waterlogged lockboxes, we went to Angor Fortress and found a bunch.  She started at 200 and got to 215 and now she needs another level to go further.

Thu afternoon, after doing the Broken Alliance Quest Veyle dinged 43. Grinding Whelplings while there.  I brought Auruk along ungrouped and he skinned them all.  Got some leather for Primall to use, which is good beacuse she came across the dragonscale trainer.  But I really wanted to bring Tiiaa my mage.  But she had to go Crossroad and get her skinning up.  She was at 35 and while they were in the badlands, she got up to 47

Elyte discovered  [Inscription: Glyph of Horn of Winter] and sold 2 already for 22g.

Bought a guild <Anarchy> with two gbank tabs from DeathHuman (Stormhuman) for 250g

6 purchasable tabs which have 98 item slots each; bags are not required for the slots. The price for the first tab is 100g , and increases for each successive tab, 250g , 500g , 1000g , 2500g , 5000g , for a grand total of 9350g .

Took Primall back to the Angor Fortress to level from 215 to 220 in LP.  Then realized I needed to be doing quest/mobs that gave Primall xp so went to Searing Gorge and up through Black Rock.  Ended up grinding mobs in Burning Steppes  While levelling Tiiaa's Skinning in the Barrens.  I had Tiiaa grouped with Veyle and Primall for two reasons.  Sometimes soloing while in a group will increase  your chances of  getting greens, or is this an old orc's tale?  And I can keep track of health on a character I'm not currently watching.  A Nelf just punkin headed Tiiaa, LOL. I think she'll leave it on

Friday afternoon,Tiiaa ventured down to 1K needles to see if she can skin there, and she can.  Level 26-28, med/hvy mobs vs 21 -24 in the Barrens.  She also picked  up the Message to Freewind Post at the Great Lift.  She's hoping to be 200 by the time she gets there.  Then she can catch a ride back to Camp T and train skinning.

Tiiaa got to 200 went to train and then headed to Shimmering Flats.  She ended up getting up 225, finishing the Vulture bone quest and getting a coin from the elder there, good job.  Elyte, DK Inscripter

Veyle dings 45 in Azhara and she and Primall went back to the Fortress in Desolace and she did 5 more lock boxes and got to 225 in Lock picking.  While grinding in Azhara Primall looted a Thorium Lockboxes and she had one from the WLtS gbank and there was another in the bank.  She started to open one of the ones in her bag, when she realized, if she waits until 46, she can open it and get a skill up.  So back to grinding Dragonkin in Azhara.  Keep in mind that Primall is now getting xp and is a little over 2 bubbles from dinging, and I think she can give Veyle a level.

Satureday Checked in on Epril, DK JC miner while Elyte was at the AH and used some of the money Elyte made selling Glyphs to buy some gems and now Epril can make a bunch of stuff to level JC.

But going back to Veyle and Primall, Primall dinged 57 earlier today but decided to wait until Veyle was closer to 46 before granting her a level.  Well Primall could not give a level, i guess she has to wait to 58.  After Veyle dinged 46, she opened 3 boxes and got to 228, then she and Primall headed to the Elder in Azhara.  Aprillian went to make Shadowcloth in Shadowmoon Valley.  It is so much easier when you can fly to the Altar.  She also

Sunday Morning Got the  [Make Love, Not Warcraft] Achievement in Ogrimmar on two toons for hugging dead Alliance after they hit AH and bank. Sunday evening back with Primall, Veyle and Auruk in Azhara.  We logged in and someone had killed a bunch of the blue Dragonkin so while Primall killed the few left, Auruk ran around skinning them for Rugged Leather and then by the time he was done, they had respawned.  Aprillian was doing a quest in Shadowmoon in the Training ground gettting sunfury signets for the Scryers.

Aprillian headed to Blade's Edge for the Mana Cell Daily and then heading back to the fp in BE when she realized she could just fly to Netherstorm


Continued leveling Arlaerus.  He's 76 now.  Only need 2500 more gold before I can get an epic flyer in Northrend.

Glanthur is basically just doing the cooking daily in Dalaran
Sangfroid - a human Death Knight - was created as Frost.  I'm still trying to figure if I should dual-wield.  He's going to be a tank
My goal is to have an 80 DPS, 80 Healer, and 80 Tank within the next 6 months.  I think I can do it.
I can never play enough of the Death Knight starting area.  I love it!


Ashayo : Naxx - Four Horsemen - Charmed Cierge staff Gluth down - hard to keep adds away! Thaddius - jump to the boss, then positive/negative charge shuffle

Solo The Nexus coin - frogger! Dual box Halls of Stone (dps, heal) to get coin Stratholme - coin and finally got Key to the City And easy as that ... Elder Ashayo.  Exalted with Org by collecting coins

Wintergrasp - FUN!

Heroic Drak'Tharon keep

Exalted with oracles - mana regen trinket

Healed Heroic Gun'Drak (but failed on snake boss)

Icecrown questing ; started opening up Knights of Ebon Blade dailies - good for dual-boxing

25-man Vault of Archavon - only warlock and tier-7 chest peice dropped! [Valorous Plagueheart Robe]

Oracle Egg - Tickbird and Cobra Hatchling!

Jekle and Hiide questing in Howling Fjord. Running back and forth between Giants run and Camp Winterhoof Both level 71 now. Hiide wasn't Kara geared, so is getting upgrades already.

The Bladed Edge

The Bladed Edge

Not a lot to report this week... I haven't yet had a good look at the changes that the "Great Hunter Nerf of 09" has brought... but then... I haven't been on my Hunter at all in the past few weeks... Stage 1 of my semi-secret 'Little Project' is complete... those who were present when I completed it (just a few days ago) can probably figure out what I'm trying to do... But for the rest of you, I'm gonna stay mysterious for *just* a bit longer... it adds to the suspense, doncha know... (Although... my increasingly frustrated rants in guild chat might have tipped a few of you off...)

Overall, the 3.0.8 patch has not yet affected me *at all*. As far as Rogues go... Cheap Shot and Fan of Knives?... I don't really use them. An interesting bonus to Feint Rank 8... useless in solo play, good for raiding and dungeon-running... as often as I'm in dungeons (as in "not at all" lately...) So that one's a null, too... The only change I can see *possibly* affecting me is the last one: Kidney Shot: This ability now has diminishing returns against all other stuns. What does this mean? Here's a clarification for those who might be wondering the same thing - but did not want to appear 'noobish' by asking...

*Diminishing Returns* is a lessened effect on the mob if you use the skill or effect more than once on them... such that you have full (100%) effect the first time, then it drops to 50%, then 25% then it becomes immune. This diminishing return effect resets 15 seconds after the last effect was applied. Before the patch, Cheap Shot shared the diminishing returns (specifically the stun effect) with other skills like Deep Freeze, Intercept, Shockwave, Hand of Justice, etc... Now, it is Kidney Shot that shares those returns. What does *that* mean? If you are in a group - or deep into PVP - and your Warrior tank associate hits the enemy in front of you with his Shockwave attack... and you - a rogue - are still in Stealth and manage to Cheap Shot the target right after - you would have found that the length of time your attack lasted for was lower than you had expected it to be... or maybe you were too focussed on the thrill of combat that you didn't even pay attention... Trust me... it was there... ever have your Hand of Justice last for only 2 seconds, Paladins? I bet dollars for donuts that someone *else* stunned the mob just before you did. That's "shared diminishing returns". How does this affect anything? Not a lot in solo play, that's for sure... if you have to Vanish in order to try to start your stun-lock combinations of Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot again, the mob's health resets to 100% once you're out of combat (which is where Vanish takes you)... so you really won't see much of this except possibly in dungeons and definitely in pvp. In dungeons... if you are repeatedly using Kidney Shot on *any* mob that the tank is focussed on (taking needed rage or threat potential away from the tank) I'm going to sneak up behind you some day and slap you with a fish. In PVP... the lack of diminishing returns on Cheap Shot now means that you can stealth and re-apply it to full effect. But... in Ol' Blade's opinion... If you really have to apply Kidney Shot more than once, you're not doing it right...

<evil orc laugh>

From the 'Dirty Little Tricks' Department... Dunno about any of you, but Ol' Blade has too many buttons on his display... every time a new skill was learned from the trainer or off the talent tree, I'd evaluate its usefulness and try to find a place for it on my button bar... Eventually... that makes for a really cluttered display... and, naturally, I forget to use some skills because they aren't readily at my fingertips... but what to do? Use an addon that moves your buttonbars around? You *could*... but you'd end up just having buttons all over the place... Or an addon that changes the size of your button bars? Sure... but then what if you actually have a use for your buttons... squinting at your screen to find the skill you're looking for isn't very practical... Hence, Ol' Blade's attempts to clean up your button bars by having multiple skills in each button... My latest one - for Warriors - is Victory Rush. Not a bad skill... if you attack something within 20 seconds of defeating a target worth experience or honor, you get an Instant Attack (Victory Rush) that does a respectable amount of damage. Now that there is once again a reason to be grinding on mobs that give experience points... and now that protection spec warriors are all the rage (Hey! Another punny!) I figured I'd find a way to slip Victory Rush into your attack schedule without it disrupting the rest of your button bar... /cast Victory Rush /cast Devastate Simple, no?  Spamming this key attempts to cast Victory Rush, but once it does (or if you pass the 20 second mark) it will default to Devastate. Naturally, you warriors that are specc'd in a tree OTHER than protection can substitute your preferred attack in place of Devastate... so Bloodthirst or Mortal Strike... heck... you can use *any* skill, really... I just used the 'Big Three' as examples.

From Ol' Blade's Easter Egg Basket... Now... you all recall that Ol' Blade's been wandering back and forth across the worlds trying to accomplish what I've almost decided isn't possible at all... more on that later... But in my travels, I stumbled across a great find! Accessible only by flying mount is a day care! Right in Nagrand! The mountain range just north of the Laughing Skull Ruins hosts this tranquil area... Orc, Human and Blood Elf children running and playing outside, while the matron of this day-care - a troll named Challe - keeps watch over the sleeping infants (of all races) within the tent behind her. A perfect place to drop off your little sproglet before heading down to go hunting with Nesingwary! ... wait a second... where's the dog that belongs in the doghouse beside the hut...? And... why are there only scraps of meat and bones in it...? And... why is there what seems to be a goblin explosive in the sandbox?!? And... what is kept in the cages behind the hut? And... is that a small humanoid skeleton in one of the huts?!? On second thought... maybe this might not be the best place to leave your little sproglets...

Hmm moving on... Oh... here's a question: Just how much of a Trekkie *are* you? Remember the character 'Jadzia Dax' from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? Recall that she was a Trill... and the symbiote was named Dax, while the host was named Jadzia? Ever wonder what happened to the previous hosts? Betcha you'd have never thought to search for them in the Draenei main city... Yup. in the Museum area of The Exodar, you can find Audrid, Tobin, Curzon, Torias and Emony... bonus points if you put them in order...

Until next time...

As always, an awesome podcast, guys! Blade


Email #1 from Ryan

So. How do i play wow. Well im 16 so anytime i get to play im happy wither its 10 min or 2 hours. Juggling homework and games are hard but i also play golf and tennis so it makes my time to play even less. I have a 71 DK a 55 hunter which i HATE. The only reason he is 55 is because i wanted a DK. I never dual boxed before i heard this show. I am currently rynning a priest and a rogue.  It makes it kinda hard because although the rogue can stealth the priest follos and pulls aggro. So i will rap this up before a hunormus wall of text overwell you. So how do i play well i just play when i can and try hard to level all of my alts. Thabks for providing a great show for us alt-a-holics every week. Thabks and kwep up the great work! Ryan/sjostrom Sauce-trom. Thats how to pronounce the toon name. Sent from my iPod

Email #2 from Mo

Hello, Happy 100th podcast, 100 thanks and many more to Aprillian, Ashayo, and to all of your guests through the 100 podcasts. You all truly make our wow playing time fun as we listen to you while we play.

For in game play, i actually have been having fun with the Lunar Festival and Elder achievements.  On my warrior I have all of them but of course the northrend instance elders. (I hate pugs even more now as no one is interested in doing the elder achievements.)

Besides doing the daily quest grind to increase rep's, i have tried dual boxing again but it is more difficult for some reason.  Before my xps laptop could handle having 2 wow screens open at one time but now I dont know if it is the new graphics since wrath came out or what but the screen and graphics flash and make playing not fun.  Any input you can give i will greatly appreciate it: is it more difficult to play 2 accounts on one computer now?  do i need to make some chnages to settings?  or should i just try to use 2 computers?

I will keep it short as i know fans will be emailing you to wish you happy 100; so thank you as alwasy and FOR the CRLaltWOW!!!!

:0) and the Horde!


Email #3 from Rick

Hey Aprillian, Ashayo and Glanthur,

I started playing the game about a month ago and began listening after hearing Aprillian on an old episode of How I WoW, since then your show has been top of my list.

I'm currently a level 40 warlock and usually play with a friend who started the game at the same time I did, when he's offline I usually run his account for trip exp.

I'm enjoying running the two accounts questing, with your help I set up follow macros. I've considered starting an alt to bring up to the warlocks level. Somebody in my guild advised against this telling me to level 2 (or 5!) shamans. I'm new to this so I'm not sure how easy it would be to control to different classes at a high level. What do you guys think do you level the same classes using 'keyclone' etc?


Rick from Belfast, Ireland Ricadikuli, The Maelstrom eu server

ps I'm currently going through your back catalogue sorry if you've been asked this question a million times. :)

Email #4 from Karen

Just wanted to write in quickly (since I've been so busy I haven't been able to get an email in lately) and comment on some of the hunter topics.

I play a gorilladin hunter. She's my highest level toon right now and was the first toon I ever made. And I wish I had a sign that says, "I tamed my gorilla in Stranglethorn Vale more than two years ago and he's been with me ever since."
But I digress. As for the great hunter nerf of 3.0.8, I agree with the listener who wrote in to the last show, it really wasn't that bad. I have to admit that I felt a little over-powered with my gorilla taking on 5 or 6 yellow mobs. That just didn't seem right. Now we're down to 3 or 4 at a time and I do have to lay down the mend pets. But that's about right, I think.
A quick addendum to the tip Blade had about a macro to let you assist your focus. If you're a hunter and you are mostly leveling or grinding, you can make an assist pet macro:
/target pet
Put that on your bar and when you're pet is attacking a group, you can always be sure you're on the same mob that he is.
On a different note, grats on the 100th show!
Please do a video, my husband and I are looking into dual boxing a bit more as he has a lot of time to play (bad economy) and I have very little time to play. He was thinking of dragging an extra toon around when he plays, spreading the experience around a little.
Do you have two WoW folders on your Mac to let you play in two different windows?
Looking forward to another 100 shows,
KarenEmail #5 from Machiavelly

G'day Aprillian, Ashyao, and Glanthur,

I have been loving the podcast and the wealth of information that I have been able to glean. I have also been enjoying Blade's letters.

I have been playing since patch 1.11 (Original Naxxramas ~ June 2006). Originally started as alliance and don't regret it. You miss half the game if you play only one faction.

According to the addon, "Altoholic" I have 26 World of Warcraft characters on my single account spread across US, Oceanic and Latin America realms. My highest character is a level 70 Feral Druid, Melchizedec on the Oceanic server, Khaz'goroth. I have tried some multi-boxing, via a Refer-A-Friend account on my laptop, but I don't think it was for me.

There are three things I find difficult being an altoholic: Choosing which character to play; keeping up with the friends/guilds on the different servers/factions; and finding time to do the seasonal events for all the alts. How do you guys cope?

Thank you all! Keep up the great work. -- Machiavelly of Alea Iact Est: level 61Blood Elf Rogue from Earthen Ring - US. AKA (on ER): Sinfjotli, Xelandra, & Rahkwa

End of Emails

Winner from last week: Tracey

Hey guys, Thanks for reading my email and then rolling me for the prize. Yea, a free month would be great. I have a authenticator already. By the way, I am a female all my toons are too so no worries, just email me on the information you need for the prize. Again, thank you very much. I really appreciate you all. Tracey Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Thank you again- I just entered the code and it worked great.

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