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First we would like to apologize for the poor sound quality in the previous 3 or 4 episodes. We were experimenting with internet recording and obviously we haven't worked out the k...

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What We've Been Doing This Week


My goal for this week is to start getting all of my lower-level alts up to at least level 10 (and that all-important, first skill po...

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Aprillian got mad at an AH Profiteer. Glanthur is back and we've got emails.

  Glanthur is back.

What We've Been Doing

I'm a little angry about this situation.  I make a ...

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Glanthur is out of town, and Ashayo graciously steps in to cohost.

Casual vs Hardcore? Fun vs. Method? Just what constitutes a casual player? Are there different layers of cas...

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