Archive for June 2007

Meet Glanthur - Plays a lot of Alliance and hopefully will bring an insight into the podcasts.

We just talked freely, with no set struction.


Hi Aprillian, I just...

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Mini Goals

Got Auntrillia to 58 and she's gone through the Dark Portal. It was very exciting. I didn't know how to get there, I felt stupid asking because everyone seeemed to k...

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What's been going on:

Multiboxing Galore - Triple boxed Wailing Cavern with Ashayo dual boxing.

Me on Treshel, Aprillian and Ardrion; Ashayo on Jenkle and Hiide


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Grinding Rep and Helping alts and silly transfers. Closing tag contest extended 1 more week.

Silly things I did this week

Transfer an alt from one account to another j...

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