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Meet Glanthur - Plays a lot of Alliance and hopefully will bring an insight into the podcasts.

We just talked freely, with no set struction.


Hi Aprillian, I just wanted to quickly send you a screenshot of the talbard I won for your contest. Have you ever seen a better dressed/looking dead guy!!! LOL Thanks much, Karbiziz

We got a good feel of speaking together. I look forward to doing more podcasts with Glanthur.

Please tell us what you think about our new combo.

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Mini Goals

  • Got Auntrillia to 58 and she's gone through the Dark Portal. It was very exciting. I didn't know how to get there, I felt stupid asking because everyone seeemed to know.
    • For those that don't know, you can fly to Swamp of Sorrows, either from Undercity or Camp Gromgol into Stonard, then go south into the Blasted Land and follow the road all the way down until it splits, take the right hand fork. After you go a little bit further, you will hear and see the thunder and lightening from the Dark Portal. Grab the quest from the guy with the gold exclamation point over his head and then charge through.
  • What else has been going on.

Disparity between alts and how to deal with it.

  • Remembering the different exp you gain when leveling characters of different level. But it's worth it for:
    • Completing Quests
    • Gaining Rep


Thanks Kurt, you brought up some nice subjects to discuss.

I rambled on more than usual. I hope it's a good 'cast.

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What's been going on:

  • Multiboxing Galore - Triple boxed Wailing Cavern with Ashayo dual boxing.
    • Me on Treshel, Aprillian and Ardrion; Ashayo on Jenkle and Hiide
  • Obsessed with Cooking
    • Levelling up Treshel to 300 and Rilfire to 333. Making choices on whether to keep cooking the items I could make and might not get skill points or passing objects on to Treshel
  • Auntrillia doing silly Crater quests just for fun and buffs.
    • Crystals
    • Bloodpetal Pods to get healing pots
    • Morrowgrain to get weird potions and rep with Thunder Bluff
      • Does she really want a Kodo? At least it will be relatively inexpensive.

Contest and emails

  • Two really good submissions
    • Austin
      • over 40 minutes have past
        this is the end of this pod-cast
        i love making alts, what can i say
        so to all of you, i bid you GOOD DAY.
        • Closing with a gnome cheer, I substitued a Troll cheer
    • Ron who plays a character named Karbiziz
      • "Of all the podcasts I've ever done....this..was the most recent"
  • I've actually decided to go with one I created. But I thank these two submissions. I will be contacting them and sending Austin the upgrade to Burning Crusade key and Ron will get the Landro Longshot Tabard


  • Someone brought Taverncast After Hours #3 to my attention. The guy running the show did a trial
  • I want to counter his view point. He made several assumption that:
    • Someone being on were being irresponsible, just because he was.
    • No one said anything about being total divorced from the real world
    • Not everyone is rushing to 60
    • His experiment was not a reflection of real gameplay
    • They took a valid and interaction and focused on the worse parts
  • Why do we have friends?
    • To hang out with
    • have fun with
    • help when you need it.
  • How do you pick friends
    • When I moved from an all Black neighborhood to a mostly White on in 1976, I had to make a choice. Do I hang ... I chose to hang out with people I had something in common with
    • In WoW
      • By guild affilliation
      • Needs
      • WoW is less subjective to physical judging (is this good or bad?)

  I think the hardest thing for the non WoW players to understand is the complexity of the game. The viewpoint is that it is merely a shootem up game and we as players are spending hours firing weapons and killing things. While there is a large amount of this going on, a lot of time is spent doing so many other things.

  • Interacting with others
  • AH - figuring strategies, doing research.
  • The dynamics change
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Episode ImageGrinding Rep and Helping alts and silly transfers. Closing tag contest extended 1 more week.

Silly things I did this week

  • Transfer an alt from one account to another just to see if the Netherwelp from the Collector's Edition would transfer.  It did
  • Log into my toons on the Baelgun server and take everything of value from most characters and put everything on Sherrinna the Level 14 Priest so I can transfer her to ER. 

Great things I did this week

  • Make it to Winterspring on my level 56 Hunter Auntrillia
    • Grinding Rep is time consuming.
      • To explain Grinding Rep - Some quests require you to "make nice" with a certain group.  For instance I needed to get to Winterspring.  The only way to get to Winterspring is through a tunnel that is full of Timbermaw Furbolgs but if I kill of a bunch of their enemies, Deadwood and Winterfall Furbolgs they will like me and eventually I can at least run through their tunnels without them killing me.  But there's another quest I need to actually be able to talk to these guys and they won't do that

It's Alt Relative - I wanted to go over the relationships between my alts

  •   Main Alts - Ardrion and Aprillian
    • Aunt Rillia - Ardrion and Aprillan's Mother's Younger Sister (Rillia, a Troll,  was actually adopted by the Blood Elves)
    • Veyle (Level 36 Troll Rogue) and Iwari (Level 44 Orc Warloc) - Used to fight with A & A's parents in the Old Days.   Each were summoned on behalf of their parents to  help the younger Blood Elves


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