Archive for March 2007

What’s Going On

Talk about Guilds

First Guild – Everyone rushing to 60 soon fell behind – first taste of drama

Second Guild – One day logged on and it didn’t exist – felt ...

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I got two whole emails

Email #1


First, thanks so much for doing the show! I also especially appreciate your taking the extra effort to put chapters, artwork, and no...

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Alea iacta est

New Phrase for us Alt Addicts – Instead of Main player, I have a Main Server

Does anyone else Dual Box?

Ran around Darkmoon Faire – it was fun, got the mugs...

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What's Going On

I spent some time "Seeding" Servers with my alts. The Lunar Festival is a great time to put alts up and get Flight Paths. Then when or if you want an alt on ...

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