Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s great MMORPG.

We start off with a discussion of the Scourge, good or bad?  Fun!

What We've Been Doing


Right after recording, I logged on to my "Scribe" because I had remembered the cooldown and I learned a new minor glyph for warriors.  I'm loving it. Did some HH in Brill and Razor Hill.

Sunday night I got caught up with getting everyone around to get the xp in all the pumpkins.  I was alternating summoning alts on the ref and mast account and then getting fps and then doing it again with different pairs and of course getting flight paths

Tuesday I got my "new" MacBook Pro.  It's not the newest one, but for $1400 I got 2.5gh, 250 gig hd and 512 vram.  It's big and smoking. Dual boxing with cellular modem is like buttah.  Then I finally solved what I considered the Holy Grail of my Dual Boxing.  I suppose when you are living alone, the sounds of WoW are not an issue.  When Hubby isn't home, I usually have both computers turned on.  When he's home, I put the headphones in one and put the other on silent.  This is okay but sometimes I turn and look and find that one is being attacked and the sound didn't carry over.  Plus on one computer I sometimes have a podcast playing.  I tried cables that would join the two sounds but often I would get an annoying hum.  I solved the problem with a DJ Mixer.  I know it's overkill but both computers are plugged in and cued and it works great.

Wed morning ER was down so I logged on to my ally toons on Dunemaul.  Level 6 Dranei Warrior and Nelf Druid.  Perfect opportunity to get them some levels.  We did Azure Watch and Exador and then the nelf hearthed back to the Nelf starting zone and then we ran to Darnassus, so easy, and then caught the boat to Auberdine and then another boat I thought to Menethel harbor, but noo, it took us to SW, how convenient.  Got them to level 10

Wed evening had Auntrillia running around Outland, ran her and Aprillian to Netherstorm and then summoned alts from Rilfire to low level toons.  Love Netherstorm.  Got Squashling from Treat bag on 3 alts.

Ran out of soul shards. Aprillian got a quest out of

Horseman in Brill is hard, due to cart, easiest is Falconwing Square.

Looks like a lost a bit of what I did since Wed, so I'm going forward and try to fill in the gaps later.

Saturday night, some lower level toons are finishing up the baskets in Kalimador or Eastern Kingdoms.   I should probably be focusing on finishing it with Aprillian, who dinged 64, Auntrillia who dinged 65 and Rilfire who dinged 63.

Downloaded and installed a mod called Multiboxer - but it has a funny side effect, it changes the tool bar to the #2 row. Ashayo

Scourge attacks! - Started at 10 mins , down to 2 for disease - Necropolis hovering over towns ; epic "vs undead" gear (tough to tag ; heavy competition!) - Quests at Lights Hope Chapel. New boss in Kara

Decided I'd limit working on achievements to just Ashayo. - Jenkins - LBRS - UBRS - Hallows End ; yes, including the 50 G.N.E.R.D kills. - Scholo (Stigg was going for book worm achievement) - Heroic Magisters Terrace ( nice chest peice too )

Jekle and Hiide completed Tricks and Treats of Azeroth (interesting that Blizz include Outland in 'Azeroth') Ashwhack and Asharmin also completed - went from level 36 to 38. Thanks to Aprillian for summons to BE and Netherstorm :) Ran HH so many times I lost track. Have not seen mount drop once!

New discoveries - Inn keepers now sell level 70 and 75 food ; better than the old 65 food/drink - High level mobs not chasing as far/long? - Putting out the fire at Falconwing Square is *alot* easier than at Brill or Durotar - Don't need Falconwatch FP to fly Shatt to Thrallmar.

Raiding & Instances - Ashield tanked Kara tonight (awesome heals by Shojobeat) Got the Arcanite Ripper (Tenris Murkblood - new boss) Also belt and gloves (was green, to horror of healer) - Jekle tried Mnt Hyjal with BiPs. Almost got 1st boss down - Rage Winterchill.


Hey Guys... Blade here... As now you both know, I'm in the process of deciding to make the move to Earthen Ring... and full-time school plus work leaves me previous little time to play the game, let alone do anything spiffy like running a guild to any great degree. So I bit the proverbial bullet... plus... as I said to Ashayo earlier in the week... someone's gotta help get Aprillian to 70... and ol' Blade is feeling a little altruistic... <evil orc laugh> To that end... I've spent what time I have had in the game this week both learning and being amazed by the new talent trees (which I will get into shortly) and avoiding the major cities like (and because of) the plague... Happy Hallow's End!  Just don't kill the glowing green cockroaches... First... as per usual... a weird and wacky tip... There's an achievement that is listed under the 'Feats of Strength' for those that had pre-existing toons... I'm not sure if it's visible for newer toons, but I'm told that it's still possible to get this achievement... But it's more about the non-combat pet: The Bloodsail Parrot... See... this one's easy... don't do ANY goblin quests (Ratchet, Booty Bay, Winterspring, etc) and avoid any contact with them... that will leave you at Neutral rep with the Goblins and Hated rep with the Bloodsail Buccaneers. From there (yes, you'll have to be at least level 65 to have a hope of getting this accomplished...) open your reputations tab on your character sheet, click on the Booty Bay rep tab and click 'At War' Now kill the goblins in the towns they're in... the bruisers are worth something like 25 reputation each... any civilians are worth 1 rep each. From Hated, you have to push your way all the way to Friendly... not too far... only about 1080 (or was it 1800?) goblin kills or so... Which is why you almost want to plan this in advance... it's another 1300+ f you have to start from the bottom of Hostile. Note:  this is probably NOT advisable if you want to ever a) be an engineer or b) participate in the Sunday Weekly Fishing Extravaganza... so be SURE your mind is made up... Be aware... the bruisers in Booty Bay can net you, they have rifles for ranged attacks if you get too far away from them and they hit like trucks... they can also knock back and stun on occasion... so you're in for a bit of a fight... probably a suicidal mission for any cloth-wearing players out there... I'm sure it's possible... but I'd be prepared for a little bit harder a time if you aren't on the better side of 'elite'... Also (there's more?) when you become 'Hated' with Booty Bay, a bruiser will spawn when you attack a civilian (so I'm told) making that kill THAT much harder... so be especially cautious when taking down civilians... but at 1 rep each, they probably aren't worth the effort anyway... Assuming you have the patience of a proverbial buddhist and manage through sheer force of will to get your reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers to Friendly, go and talk to "Pretty Boy" Duncan on the beach outside Booty Bay. He'll give you a quest to talk to Fleet Master Firallon who will give you a task of some difficulty... as if this wasn't difficult enough... Oh well... you've made it THIS far... time to go kill Baron Revilgaz and Master Seahorn (the two Booty Bay 'bosses' above the inn - right next to the Horde flightpath) Assuming you are successful, hit the water swimming, head back to the Fleet Master and he'll give you one of the more rare items in the game: the Bloodsail Admiral's Hat. I'm betting that it will be something of a novelty on just about any server you could play on... mostly because most people aren't insane or simply don't have the time it would take to accomplish this goal... But for those that do... they get a nifty red-and white trimmed admiral's hat with a skull-and-crossbones motif... that lets you summon a non-combat pet! The Bloodsail Parrot!

On the topic of insanity... I reworked my hunter's talent tree into the new Beast Mastery tree... and it's got to be one of the coolest things I've seen in a while... I beleieve I have heard on more than one occasion the 3.0 patch being referred to affectionately as 'The Hunter Patch'. Some things about the patch are good - Wolftusk's new wasp pet named 'Sikorsky'... and 'Fluffy' the two-headed white Corehound... to add to the stables with my very first-ever pet in the game... Cuddles the (used to be named 'Death Flayer' Durotar scorpid). As a frame of reference, I picked up Death Flayer/Cuddles when the pets all had their own attack speed... he was a rare and valuable pvp one, as he was considered a 'tank' (high high armor) and had poison to stop stealthing rogues... AND had a 1.6 attack speed... faster than some cats (and most other pets) way back then... So be adventurous!  Play with the pet trees... and find a few pets that really suit your style of play... Oh... just one thing... If you DO happen to get yourself a Corehound pet... either outside of or from inside Molten Core.. please please PLEASE dismiss it when you're in a city... there's nothing more irritating than standing at the Auction House and watching your screen shake and tremble as some noob Hunter runs by with his newly acquired Corehound pet... for some reason, the Corehounds shake the ground when they walk... but the T-Rexes don't (and they're easily twice as big)... Ah well... to each their own, I suppose...

As always, an awesome podcast guys... Blade

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