This episode of Ctrl Alt WoW is dedicated to the Volunteer and Career Firefighters who have worked tirelessly this past week battling fires throughout Victoria and to those that lost their homes, livelihood and worst, love ones.  Our hearts go out to you.

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This episode of Control Alt Wow is dedicated to the brave volunteer and career firefighters who have worked tirelessly this past week, battling fires throughout Victoria. And to those that lost homes, livelihoods and worse, loved ones, our hearts go out to you.

What We've Been Doing:


In Felwood to get the elder coin.  Lost track of who had been where.  I can tell in game with the achievement screen

"Searching for the third segment to the Key to Time brings the Doctor and Romana to 1970's Earth, where the travellers have to contend with stone circles, Druidic rituals, and a not-so-mythical goddess known as the Cailleach."  Sounds like the group in Northrend.

Running Epril and Elyte to Darnassus and mining along the way.  I'm going to start an Engineer soon. Got to figure out who but probably one of my Alli DK's and only after my RAF runs out.

Aprillian used 2 badges of Justice for shoulder enchant

Ran Aprillian and two DK's to Auberdine, again, then they died under the boat, and took the boat to Darnassus, died inside and rezzed in Dolannar.  Got the coin there and in Darnassus. Time is going on my RAF.  It ends on 2/14 at 7pm.  And now this Love is in the Air stuff started.  Ran RFC with some.

Thur spending time getting FP for all lower level characters using the DK's, and getting their hearths set to Dalaran.

Friday alternated between getting hearts and getting Loqu to 20. Figuring out who gets the Zhevra.

Saturday ran Loqu and others through SFK but ran out of time. Sat night did TM FP.  RAF ran out at 10pm server time, 7pm Blizz time.


Love is in the Air - No booze in UC - Social experiment - how lazy are people? eg Freshly baked pie - up to 10g each! - Insert rant on bag of candies ;) - Love fool - finally on the 6th candy bag

Ashayo - Heroic Nexus - enough Emblems of Heroism to buy plagueheart gloves (Riversky on his Death Knight) - Heroic Azjol Nerub - Sash of the servant - Heroic Culling of Stratholme (but wiped, so ran out of time to get the drake mount) - Heroic Utgarde Pinacle (achievement for bringing down harpoon boss - Skadi the Ruthless - in one pass) (Thanks Dills!) - Naxx 25 man - Grobbulus is tough on 25-man!

Achievement - Got my mind on the money - loot 1000g ; harder for dual boxer

Jekle started spending jewelcrafting tokens. Bought several gems and made Titanium Spellshock Necklace for Ashayo

Dual-boxed Nexus with Jekle and Hiide. Tough on last boss, because you have to keep moving the entire fight.

AIE Guild parade for 2nd Anniversary - A march from Silvermoon to Undercity, Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff.

3.0.9 patch - pretty much non-event. Did fix the jerky movement of nearby players.


- Been running more heroics on Arlaerus and Glanthur

- I'm a mediocre healer at best - LOL
- Love is in the Air
- Running Scholomance on Arlaerus - trying to gain Argent Dawn reputation
- Dropped blacksmithing and took up jewelcrafting on Arlaerus
- Having 2 level 80s is so much fun

Bladed Edge

Hey all... Blade here...

"News of your accomplishments has traveled far. The winds of turmoil howl through our lands. Those who stand to challenge evil are our only hope. Only those who listen to the winds understand the debts our fallen heroes have paid to protect our people. May a hero such as yourself live long to tell the tales of your adventures. For only then will we remember just how much we have to be thankful for. Our appreciation runs deep, Loremaster. For the Horde! - Cairne Bloodhoof"

First off, allow me a brief moment of ego to relish in the fact that I'm getting email questions! Yay!  Moar questions, kk thx! Now... Xandarr asked about a mysterious object in Sholazar Basin... the specific coordinates are 38,37... a hatch... The numbers it gives you are 5 9 16 17 24 43... and yes, indeed, this does seem to be a /nod to the television show Lost. The specific part of the show?  Ben's safe!... but not quite... in the show, the actual combination is 4 8 15 16 23 42... Sorry for the spoiler...

<evil orc laugh>


The question was asked as to what Ol' Blade does... or more specifically... what it is that stops Ol' Blade from contributing more to the podcast... along the lines of a regular vocal soundbyte or more-frequent appearances... Let me preface by saying how much I appreciate the email readings and the patience you all show in reading my rather-lengthy emails each and every time... you see... the emails are usually compiled in bits and pieces over the course of the week... Ol' Blade's a full-time student, and a part-time medical professional... so I don't have a whole lot of 'free time'... Ashayo once mentioned: "but Ol' Blade seems to be online more than I am"... Yes and no. I'm logged in, yes... especially on weekends when the evening queue threatens to not allow you on for a while... I keep myself logged in if I have enough access to my computer... but I'd say at least half my time logged in lately has been me hovering on Bladetusk's lolcopter in a safe area while I'm doing something else *not* in the world of Azeroth. So yeah... I'm in... and that's probably why if you've whispered me I didn't get back to you for five minutes or more... I was probably editing a term paper... It's the same reason why I have yet to be able to jump into Heroic dungeons and start to truly experience the so-called 'end-game'... I can't guarantee the amount of time I'd need in Azeroth to be able to do so... I'd *like* to spend the time to contribute a soundbyte... and I hope to be able to find the time to do so... but for now, you'll have to survive with mai emails...

Heh heh heh...

From the 'Dirty Little Tricks' Department... I've started back in on Skullblade finally... it seems like forever since I played him... and it shows... every three or four fights if I get into a bit of trouble, I'll hit my 'Vanish' button - and my Battle Shout goes off... or I maneuver to set myself up for an attack and hit my Stealth button... and I end up Charging into the enemy... and Pickpocketing on a Warrior is completely out... don't even try it, I can verify with 100% certainty that it won't work... But I will persevere! I had a discussion with a guildmate the other day... and I realized that I haven't given a lot of love to the other classes... all I've been talking about is *my* main three - Warrior, Rogue and Hunter... Would you like a macro suggestion for your class?  Would you like a nifty hint or trick to make your class that much more cool to play? Let me know! If it's out there... I'll find it! For now, though... I discovered that I made a serious error! Victory Rush and Defensive Stance won't work together. That macro I gave will work just fine for Berserk Stance and Battle Stance... but there's no love for that macro for tanks. Terribly sloppy of me... sorry 'bout that guys... To make up for it, here's a macro just about anyone can use: It's a simple one - /cast and /use is all it's about... fill as many lines as you want with your various self-healing methods Rogues could also submit [/cast Evasion] here... Hunters might even use [/cast Feign Death]... [/use Major Healthstone] (or Super Healing Potion, or Fel Blossom, or Nightmare Seed, Lifebloom... et cetera... et cetera...) You *could*, if you are a caster with healing spells, toss a heal into this mix... but I'd advise against it... I'd keep your spells separate so that you can keep track of the mana expenditure... Warriors *could* place [/cast Last Stand] - but it might not be the best idea if you're leveling or playing solo... See... here's another discovery... this one I caught *before* I sent it in... Using Last Stand prohibits you from using a health potion in combat... Recall the recent change where you can only drink one potion per combat?  And where the 1 minute cooldown for potions starts the second you aren't in combat anymore? Well... Last Stand counts as a 'self-heal', so it counds against you if you use it... "No potion-soup for you!" So... for all you less-than-epic warrior tanks out there... the 30% health boost is awfully spiffy, but as it disappears on you (usually, in my experience, at a crucial moment), you're better off using a health potion unless you have a healer watching your butt... Or make a separate macro and drag-and-drop it into the action bar (or set-up action bar #2 for when you're grouped) so that it's ready if/when you need it... or you could set up a protocol to have it go off when you hit Ctrl as well as your hotkey... So that line would look like: /cast [modifier:ctrl] Last Stand That should do it...

Oh... and here's a quick freebie... remember that Charge/Taunt macro I use? I added /cast Bloodrage and /cast Shield Block to it... it seems they aren't on the same cooldown, either... but they are on the global... so you'll periodically have to hit the button to have one or more of them go off... but you'll be hitting it *anyway* as you'll be taunting every six seconds or so... As a quick-fix to let you know when Sheild Block or Bloodrage are up, simply put their buttons on the hotbar about your number bar... so you can instantly see when they're ready to go...

From Ol' Blade's Easter Egg Basket... Following my recent warrior-theme, there comes a time in every warrior's career (level 30) when you learn how to truly harness your rage into a palpable force... and gain the Berserker Stance. Who better, in Ol' Blade's opinion, to teach you the art of warfare than an Islander? (Highlander) The guy you all will have to speak to in order to get your Berserker stance is on Fray Island... his name... Klannoc Mcleod the Islander. I'd bet that if you could ask this guy where he was from, he'd probably say "Lots of different places". One wonders if there are any more like him in the world... will there be a great epic battle if there are?  Or can there be only one?

Speaking of movies... here's one for you Alliance types... Around Duskwood, there's a fellow by the name of Antonio Perelli (he's a Travelling Salesman)... he's on the route from Goldshire to Sentinel Hill, Darkshire to Lakeshire (so far as I know) Be wary when you meet this guy... and watch out for maniacal barbers... You see... Signor Adolfo Pirelli is the Italian hair-tonic snake-oil salesman that Sweeny Todd kills at the beginning of the film...

As always, an awesome podcast, guys...

For Tha Horde!

Loremaster Blade

Audio Submission

Hey guys,

I want to do submit something about my alts and what better way to do that than to let you hear it directly “from the hunter’s mouth”.  I have attached an interview I did with Beastcaller, my favorite alt.




Email #1 from John

Glanthar was debating if he wanted to switch to Jewelcrafting, so I thought I'd send in my vote that "yes" it is worthwhile to switch to Jewelcrafting. In my opinion jewelcrafting is one of the best professions for a paladin that switches roles* occasionally.

*(Please Blizzard. Hurry up with the dual-spec, those 50 gold respecs are killing me)

I plan on making the same profession change on my Paladin alt, except I'm keeping blacksmithing and dropping mining. I have a death knight alt that's going to become my new miner. There are a lot of JC leveling guides that make it easy to level the profession, plus my main is a jewelcrafter so I have a few extra gems to help with leveling.

One more thing - Grats! to Ashayo picking up one of the best DPS trinkets in Naxx. We have a lot of mages, warlocks, moonkin still waiting for that to drop.

Xannguyen-Khadgar Realm Level 80 Draenei Holy Priest Prospector-Khadgar Realm Level 80 Dwarf Protection/Holy Paladin

Email #2 Berte LeDwarf

*waves hello*

Hi Everyone!  I've been listening to CtlAltWow since the first few episodes and I have successfully resisted Aprillian's pleas and bribes to email, until now.

During the last episode, I heard Glanthur say he doesn't have anything to spend his emblems on, and I had to reply.  First, do consider the tier gear.  For many classes it is a nice upgrade.
But altaholics will find the bind on account items a huge boon.  These items scale with the level of the alt. and can be swapped between toons of the same faction on the same account.   So you can buy the item for a level one, or a lvl 50 or a lvl 70.  I purchased the staff, Dignified Headmaster's Charge,  for my level 70 warlock.  My warlock is Kara geared, but this staff is a nice upgrade.  I figure when she's done with it, I can send it to my level 70 mage or my lvl 70 balance druid… and then there's my lvl 25 shadow priest…  Also, check out the shoulders with the wicked 10% experience increase!  The cloth ones are called Tattered Dreadmist Mantle.
For alliance, the emblem vendor with the complete emblem inventory is in Dalaran, upstairs in the building with all the portals to the rest of Azeroth.  I assume there is a comparable vendor for the horde.  Look for the items with the yellow titles.
Berte, the elder merrymaker holy priest explorer (who is one squashling short of being hallowed)
aka Sassy Dwarf with the cool braid.

Email #3 from MO

Hello, yes another email from Mo :)

I was listening to wowarcast, yes I am a podcastholic as well, but its nice to get others perspectives. They mentioned that they had created new characters on Borean Tundra, a new normal realm, US side I believe. So I created a NE hunter of course and  a  NE druid. Yes yes I know that has been done so many times before, but I love hunters and also I want to try a healing druid spec.

So my idea was to have a CTRLALTWOWAlliance guild and also one on the horde side. People like myself, Aprillian, Ashayo, blade, the ones that are Horde heavy, we try out the Alliance.  I do believe that if you dont experience both factions you do miss many beautiful zones.

And the people out there that are Alliance heavy, you know who you are ----> Glanthur, :) and they would call the guild Ctrlalthorde

Or if people wish we can come up with a better name but it would be nice to use the podcast name and I would also like to ask for your permission to at least start the alliance side one as soon as i have the gold to do it. So my hunters name is a very clever name, Moblue, took me a long time to come up with that, and druid is kitcat,

Maybe you all and/or the listeners will have better ideas.

I actually had to delete some characters to create the new ones as I am character maxed out on my 2 accounts ;/

Oh and I have bee getting the itch to do the refer a friend again but trying not to do it yet, but it is SOOOOOOOOO fun.

Ok I will leave you be till next week and hope to see some people on Borean Tundra, the few times im on there,

thank you,

-- Mo

Email #4 from Keelhaul

Hey gang. I love the podcast and have been following it for a few months now. I to am somewhat of an alt-o-holic and have a decent number of characters accross a few realms. I get an itch to play one particular character and will go all out on him for a month or so then get bored and hop to another for a bit.
I am currently leveling a dwarf hunter who is 77. I noticed that one of his attacks, Kill Shot I believe, says its range is 5 - 30 yards or so just like all of the other ranged attacks I have, but it doesnt seem to work if I am close to the 5 yard mark. All of my other attacks work fine except kill shot. Is this a known bug of some sort? Anyway thanks again and keep up the great work.
Here's a little joke that you may have already heard:
Why do Gnomes laugh when they run?
The grass tickles their underside :)
-KeelhaulEmail #5 from Faghleis Heya guys,

A few things, I would say I love the show and am currently going though the back catalog. I especially love the fact that there is a fellow Aussie who i can listen to in the plethora of wow podcasts that are out there. I know you have probably answered these in the past, but i probably haven't gotten there quite yet. I was wondering if you could do a segment discussing the pros and cons of different means of controlling your alts when multiboxing, eg key cloners (and how specific things you would need to do to get them running properly) to the good old alt tab method. The next question is purely out of curiosity, Best guess... What will be the next hero class if there is one?

Thanks for your time guys and look forward to the next podcast. Faghleis from Holy Knights on the Khaz'garoth server

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