One thing about WoW, it does require some thought. It's not a button masher. The choices you make affect your game play. There are many levels of playing

What we've been doing:


  • Twink Fever
    • Pri Orc Rogue - why orc - I like the look of one of the faces and the pigtails
    • Got her to 6 in Durator and then ran her to UC and then Silvermoon to complete levelling, I like Silvermoon.
  • AH FTW - Looking for Twink gear across realms
  • running around having fun
  • Warlock Quests
    • Treshel took Aprillian into Desolace along with a friends two lower level alts
      • Treshel didn't fight or group, just there as a safety net
  • New Monitor Baybee!

Mods for Alts Character Viewer - let's you see what's in your alts on the same account inventory

Revisit Last week

Why do we love instances so much

  1. Quests
  2. Phat Loots
  3. EXP
  4. Concentrated bunches of mobs
  5. Lore/Storyline
  6. Adrenaline rush

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Twink Gear is Expensive!  

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